Patty’s Place

June 19, 2013 § Leave a comment

Dear Father,

“They lingered in the park until sunset, living in the amazing miracle and glory and wonder of the springtide; and they went home as usual, by way of Spoffard Avenue, that they might have the delight of looking at Patty’s Place […] Priscilla looked. Anne’s thumbs and eyes had not deceived her. Over the arched gateway of Patty’s place dangled a little, modest sign. It said ‘To Let, Furnished. Inquire Within.’

‘Priscilla’ said Anne, in a whisper, ‘do you suppose it’s possible that we could rent Patty’s Place?’

‘No, I don’t,’ averred Priscilla. ‘It would be too good to be true. Fairy tales don’t happen nowadays. I won’t hope, Anne. The disappointment would be too awful to bear. They’re sure to want more for it than we can afford. Remember, it’s on Spoffard Avenue.’

‘We must find out anyhow,’ said Anne resolutely. ‘It’s too late to call this evening, but we’ll come tomorrow. Oh, Pris (Nance), if we can get this darling spot! I’ve always felt that my fortunes were linked with Patty’s Place, ever since I saw it first.'”

Thank you. Amen!!

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