Spring Cleaning

April 15, 2013 § Leave a comment

So I’m sitting in my room waiting for my friend Julia to come over. After a sort of meltdown last week I decided that it was really time to make good of my promise to live simply and get rid of 50-75% of my things. I made this commitment last year in the fall but was kind of overwhelmed by the whole thing that I sort of stopped halfway (halfway = having many bags of “give away” items that I just piled next to my bed). But it’s never a nice thing to live in the between… preparing for the next stage but not getting there yet. I told my roommate Christine something yesterday, “You gotta live like you’re already in the Promised Land!” I don’t really remember what I was referring to (I think her moving to HK in a few months, meh) and I was kind of just joking around but that phrase just came to my mind again so I think it was meant to be taken seriously. We are free people! haha, yes, free indeed. So I am waiting here on my  window sofa and preparing myself mentally for goodbyes. What a lovely day it is outside!

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