Valentines Day Reflections

February 15, 2013 § Leave a comment

It was only 2 days ago that I realized that 2 days later was Valentines Day (mainly because I was traveling and just got busy). I didn’t have any plans so I asked around to see what other people were doing. Who spends Valentines Day alone? hehe, me I guess. I did have plans but then every one of them fell through and just as I was wondering, “What next?” I thought to myself, “I already spend most of my days alone because of work, why not tonight as well?” And then I realized that I didn’t mind it so much… it’s weird how much your reality can change when you just accept things as they are. There is an odd sort of freedom that seeps in – the sweet kind.

“God is not the God of necessity but of sweet abundance” – Heidi Baker

I was at a conference last week and Heidi Baker said the above quote. She gave an example of chocolate appearing miraculously from under the stage. Chocolate is unnecessary but something like manna is necessary. I think it’s true that unnecessary things become aggravating when our necessities haven’t been taken care of….but then I also believe that little sweet trifles only come when our basic needs are met. After dinner comes dessert and dessert doesn’t digest well if there is no dinner to cushion it… it just doesn’t. What good Father would shower his children with extra blessings if they didn’t have the most basic things? So then I thought, maybe if I can stomach all of these sweet things that come from heavenly places (you just know when they come from heavenly storage rooms) then I must already have all that I need…

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