January 21, 2013 § Leave a comment

So I stopped eating gluten a while bak and it’s been a good thing for my body. Everything seems to run smoother: energy to my brain, energy to my muscles and yeah, just better. But I cheat a lot because I love cookies and pastries. I have very little self control with them and they know it! Sigh, and of course they take full advantage of me. Poor me… so I continue to casually cheat here and there and nothing really Bad happens so I figure I can get away with it. “Wrong” says my belly…Last night, I cheated a big lot. And I ate loads of dairy too… So I spent most of the day indoors eating very little. I reasoned that the worst was over by dinner time so I figured I could be okay to order a soup and salad. Sigh……
My lesson:
1st offense = your guard was down and you should know better. But fine…
2nd offense = stick with your convictions/personal restrictions or you will miss out on your necessary recovery time needed after your first offense.

A series of offenses takes a very long time to heal.

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